Primary Knowledge of Islam - Part 2 Primary Knowledge of Islam - Part 2
Primary Knowledge of Islam - Part 2
Primary Knowledge of Islam - Part 2

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SKU ID6103
Description "Primary Knowledge of Islam" is a very wide subject, Many Books have been written on this topic but the books written according to the age and mental level of the children were lacking. This is the English Translation of the Urdu Book "Islami Maloomat Part-2" This is the second part of the series "Primary Knowledge of Islam" in which essentials of Islamic believes and worships are explained. For example, the Angels of Allah, the Divine Books of Allah, the Messengers of Allah, the Destiny and the life Hereafter. Similarly, necessary information of getting purity and cleanliness, Tayammum, method of performing congregational and individual prayer are described along with other essential and useful things.
By Author Maulana Hafiz Badruddin PhD.
Binding Paper Back
Number Of Pages 72
Dimension 18 x 12 cm
Language English

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