Jannat ul Firdaus Attar  9ml (GREEN)
Jannat ul Firdaus Attar 9ml (GREEN)

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Categories: Attars / Perfumes, Swiss Arabian, Luxurious Attars, Attars
Description Jannat ul Firdaus is a Oriental Fougere fragrance for women and men. The fragrance features jasmine, lotus, cinnamon, gardenia, grass, woody notes, herbal notes and rose. The name Jannet el Firdaus Green is an Arabic name, which means the fragrance of the garden of heaven. This fragrance is unique in every way and will astound your senses. The wild and musky essence of this perfume will leave you and your friends mesmerized. This divine fragrance will lift your spirits and keep you energized all day. Pamper yourself with this unique, intriguing perfume. High quality packaging complements this original, fine perfume oil. For any Arabic perfume lover this fragrance is hard to resist and a must try. Janne ul l Firdaus 9 ml features a unique wild and a musky smell that is certain to leave anyone mesmerized. When unleashed, this aroma releases a sweet fragrance of aldehydes, basil and bergamot which further spits into an appealing sweet aroma of clove, geranium, iris and jasmine. With a base note of amber, chypre like musk and wood, the fragrance of this perfume lasts a long period of time on the wearer's body. This perfume is skin friendly and an ideal gift option for all occasions. A high quality packaging complements this original, fine perfume oil. It is a non-alcoholic perfume and is suitable for both men & women. Made in U.A.E.

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