Al Farooq : The Life of Hazrat Omar The Great
Al Farooq : The Life of Hazrat Omar The Great

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SKU ID2019
Description A most comprehensive and authentic biography of the Second Caliph Hazrat Omar (Raz), popularly known as Al-Farooq by the famous Islamic historian, ‘Allama Shibli N‘umani. A detailed and picturesque account of the vast and unprecedented conquests during his caliphate and the administrative measures, most advance even by present-day standards, adopted by him to ensure peace, prosperity and general welfare of the people spread over thousands of square kilometers- a model Islamic state for all times. Hazrat ‘Omar was a great conqueror, jurist, military strategist, statesman, administrator, strict disciplinarian, reformer, all rolled into one. Translated from Urdu into fluent flawless English by Maulana Zafar Ali Khan, it is a truly indispensable reading.
By Author Allama Shibli Naumani (Rah)
Binding Hard Bound
Number Of Pages 478
Dimension 22.5 x 14.5 cm
Language English

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