Abdullah : The Father of the Holy Prophet (SAW)
Abdullah : The Father of the Holy Prophet (SAW)

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SKU ID2000
Description What kind of a man he was, whose son was chosen by Allah to be His last Prophet? He was the descendant of three Prophets and was a humble, honest trader, unique man having high degree of moral purity that is why residents of his city called him ‘The Lamp’. The author Riaz Hussain, has got the idea to write a detailed biography of ‘Abdullah (The Father of the Holy Prophet) when he came across several verses lauding Hunafa (Worshippers of one Allah) and ‘Abdullah was member of this tiny group who keep themselves aloof from all devil practices in that dark- age.
By Author Riaz Hussain
Binding Paper Back
Number Of Pages 72
Dimension 18 x 12 cm

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