20 Lessons For Muslim Women
20 Lessons For Muslim Women

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SKU ID4720
Description The religion of Islam is for mankind revealed by Allah. It is a complete code of life and a mean of success in this world and the Hereafter. This book contains twenty chapters for the benefit and welfare of women. The subject matter is based on Mishkaat and selections from Al-Targheeb wa Al-Tarheeb. This book has particularly been written for the benefit of women and girls although it is beneficial for men also. Ignorance and lack of religious knowledge and slackness in practicing religion is increasing day by day. Hope this book will help to uplift the knowledge of the basic requirements of Islam.
By Author Maulana Muhammed Ashiq Elahi (Rah)
Binding Paper Back
Dimension 21.5 x 14 cm
Language English

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